Custom art for homes & places of work


I’ve organized the photos of my work in categories (see below); in each you will find a representative selection of the work I’ve done over the years. These pieces display the range and variety of subjects, colors, textures, angles, and so on in my work. They offer a good idea of what I have done with glass thus far, and what I might be able to do for you.  (By the way, you will find that some pieces appear in more than one category.)

If you see on this website something that interests you, please contact me, and I will tell you whether or not it’s still available for purchase, as well as its size/dimensions and price. If what interests you is no longer available for sale, we can explore the possibility of my creating something similar or new for you. You'll find my contact information on the last page of this website.

Here are the categories, with a few words of explanation for each:

  • Abstracts: Each abstract piece comes out of my creative imagination, though you can see in some of them a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright. I can make abstract pieces in any size and with a wide variety of colors and textures of glass.
  • Birds & animals: I love cardinals, but I’ve also made a blue jay, a dove, a cedar waxwing, and a snow bunting. I’ve done “portraits” of dogs and cats, too.
  • Flowers, Trees, & Landscapes: Flowers enchant me. Trees inspire. Both are components of landscapes, whose changes through seasons fascinate me. And landscapes may be shaped by buildings, too.
  • Inspired by photos: Some of my art is based on photographs, either ones I have taken or ones given to me by someone who would like to commission a piece based on their photo. What I then create is never a simple reproduction of the photo, but rather a unique work of art shaped by what the glass and the artist can do together.
  • Panels / Windows: Most of the pieces shown here are between 30 and 45 inches long/tall and between 7 and 14 inches wide. They hang indoors, usually in front of large windows, attached by delicate chains to hooks screwed into the window frame. (I don’t do installations, so if you want something installed, you need to find someone skilled at doing this.)
  • Decorative Pieces: See the wide variety of subjects created to beautify, memorialize, and/or give to someone (even yourself)!
  • Ornaments: Round, oval, pear-shaped, square; angels, stars, sailboats: ornaments of all types, colors, designs here. Of course you can use them, or give them, at Christmas, but let them delight you year-round: hang them in a window in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom!
  • Quilt patterns: Quilting patches come in countless designs; in stained glass, they can be quite stunning.
  • Suncatchers: These pieces are generally smaller, in the 4-to-7-inch range; they take many shapes: square, rectangular, star-shaped, and so on. Hang them anywhere they can catch the sun.