Custom art for homes & places of work

  • Blue Starburst with Bevels
    Blue Starburst with Bevels
  • Cardinal on a Branch
    Cardinal on a Branch
  • Small Pyramids
    Small Pyramids
  • Large Pyramids
    Large Pyramids
  • Green Glass Trees
    Green Glass Trees
  • Blue Petal Sunflower
    Blue Petal Sunflower
  • Detail of a Persian Rug
    Detail of a Persian Rug
  • VBT_Wine bottles
    Wine Bottles
  • VBT_Swedish design
    Swedish Design
  • Sun & moon together
    Sun and Moon Together
  • VBT_stained glass picture frame
    Stained Glass Picture Frame
  • VBT_Salvadoran angel
    Salvadoran Angel